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ZV Club offers seasonal gift boxes of personalized ZVEDA botanical products, lovingly packaged, and shipped directly to your door. 

Every three months you will receive a hand-curated box of Ayurvedic CBD products corresponding to the season. Each box will contain (1) 600 mg CBD tincture, (1) Signature infused 250 mg CBD herbal massage oil and (1) Signature infused 150 mg CBD herbal mouth pulling oil.

We will share new products with you in the form of special members' only gifts. Experience our special tea blends, topical salves, and digestive bitters. 

Members receive 20% off all product orders they place outside of their gift box experience, and are welcome to add to their seasonal shipment. 

As we grow ZVEDA Botanicals together, we will build our content to offer you educational and inspirational how-to videos, yoga classes, and webinar series teaching the wisdom of Ayurveda and Cannabis. 

The tenants of Ayurveda, together with the phenomenal gifts offered by the cannabis sattiva plant, have the potential to save our planet naturally by remediating the soil, protecting the herbal medicine and food, and restoring balance to the body, the mind and the soul. As we are the microcosm of the universe, we must together create sustainable, compassionate and loving ways to heal and grow.

 Seasonal CBD Wellness Pack
Seasonal CBD Wellness Pack

Healing with Plants and Ayurvedic Wisdom

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