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 ZV Club offers seasonal gift boxes of personalized ZVEDA botanical products, lovingly packaged, and shipped directly to your door. 

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About the ZV Club


ZV Club Memberships include:

  • Your chosen blend of our ZVEDA products:
    • One 600 mg. CBD tincture
    • One 4 oz Ayurvedic CBD-rich Herbal Body Oil
    • One 8 oz Ayurvedic CBD-rich zWish Mouth Pulling Oil 
  • Special gift (like a sneak peak at new products!)
  • Monthly Newsletters (and keep up with our online ZCLUB space) offering worthy research, info, and testimonials on Ayurveda wisdom and plant intelligence
  • Short YouTube videos with helpful hints and humor
  • One weekly online yoga class with Joanna Matson, 1000-RYT, Ayurveda practitioner and mom
  • Members also receive 15% on all additional ZVEDA products!

*Additional products may be purchased and added to order. 

Orders due by the 5th of: June, September, December, March. 

Investment: $165 per quarter

Join for a full year ($660) and receive $100 off: $560 per year


Choose your scent:

  • ZBliss includes ZGROUND CBD tincture and ZVATA Herbal Body Oil
  • ZChill includes ZSOOTH CBD tincture and ZPITTA Herbal Body Oil
  • ZLift includes ZLIFT CBD tincture and ZKAPHA Herbal Body Oil