What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medicine originating from the vedas.  Literally meaning “knowledge (or wisdom) of living”.  Ayurveda teaches us about our individual unique constitution and how to best care for it.  From cleansing to daily living, Ayurveda reminds us of the best way to command Mother Nature is to obey her.  When we understand our nature, we can better live in accordance with nature, and all beings. 

There are three fundamental forces of nature that can help us to identify our mental/physical constitution.  Based on the Tridoshas,  Vata (air) responsible for movement, Pitta (fire) transformation, and Kapha (earth) structure.  By knowing our prakriti (constitution), and possible vikriti (pattern of imbalance), we can assess the best way to address the individual.

Through diet, herbs, meditation, music, sense therapy, exercise, seasonal routine and cleansing, we are better able to honor our unique needs to stay balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.  We're ready to help. Learn more about our counseling services. 


Dosha Wisdom



VATA consists of AIR and ETHER. VATA is the primary dosha, which is responsible for movement and communication, and regulates all activity within the body and mind.  When balanced, the VATA Dosha promotes a healthy nervous system, lightness, creativity, happiness and joy.  



PITTA consists of FIRE and WATER. PITTA governs all biochemical changes that take place in our body. The food we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotions we emit are all digested and assimilated through  the PITTA Dosha. When in balance, we are focused and determined, we have the intelligence to learn and retain information, we have the physical and mental stamina to accomplish our goals.



KAPHA consists of EARTH and WATER. Known as the “glue” that holds the cellular structure together, KAPHA is primarily responsible for the strength of our immune system, strength and vitality. When balanced, KAPHA encourages love, warmth, comfort and stability within our bodies, hearts and homes.

Ayurvedic + Plant Synergy



Ayurveda has long held that true health and wellness comes from the proper balancing of one’s energy with that of nature. True health arises both through proper detoxifying practices to cleanse the body of toxins, and through proper rejuvenation therapies to nourish the body for balance and longevity.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, or specific known or unknown diseases or disorders, Ayurvedic healing has protocols, tools and therapies to address these issues, and much more. We can help you learn more.



Herbs, essential oils, yoga, meditation, and other Ayurvedic therapies may be used to create your perfect health. The healing power of plant intelligence in the form of oils, tinctures and salves, may also be recommended for support for your ailments. 

Join us for upcoming events, including educational classes, workshops and yoga classes where we discuss how and why our bodies are meant to heal with plants.



The medical science of Ayurveda helps to determine your unique body type (prakriti) through individualized Ayurvedic consultations

These include examining your personal routines around diet, habits, career, relationships, and lifestyle, and how it relates to your health and well-being. 

Current research and recommendations on the efficacy and use of plants in conjunction with Ayurvedic routines is offered when appropriate.


The Human Cannabinoid Connection

Did you know....

Humans have evolved since the beginning of time with a respectful relationship to cannabis sativa. Whether it be for food, medicine, paper, rope, clothing, insulation, building materials, energy sources, or soil remediation, the intelligence of the hemp plant, and its many offerings to humankind, is a gift. 

Learn why this plant deserves the reverence and respect it receives from those around the world who have studied and experienced its supportive quality and energy.

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