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Canna-Veda Counseling

Our Promise to You


Our goal is to help you re-create your life, releasing thoughts and behaviors that create dis-harmony and stress, so that you experience a rejuvenating and fulfilling life. You will receive a unique and personalized wellness protocol to help you achieve your goals.

Herbs, oils, foods, routines, and various practices will likely be advised to you, with professional recommendations for products and supplements.

Professional Experience


Your natural healing journey is led by a professionally trained and experienced Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Yoga Instructor. You will receive the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine, and experience a renewed sense of self. Your journey will offer you a different perspective of your situation, creating a body with vitality and enthusiasm, utilizing the tools of over 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom.



Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment that takes dedication. Our commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while you embark on your journey to healing. 

Ultimately, you have the power inherent in you to make the choices, moment to moment, that affect your future. Healing occurs when we follow the laws of nature, 

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Healing Testimonials


Joanna is an amazing, gifted & personable teacher. She is a hard worker. It shows in her teachings & workshops. She deeply understands the body, both the subtle & the physical. She has poured herself into the practice and teaching of yoga and Ayurvedic principles.

I have been practicing yoga for many years and I always walk away from her with true inspiration. This is what I love about her the most!

Ellen S., Atlanta, Georgia

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Counseling Services


Face to face communication is key for truly understanding one's needs and fears. Begin your Ayurvedic healing journey with Joanna either in person in White Salmon, Washington; or book an online consultation. 

This a unique opportunity to form a partnership for healing, with personalized guidance and direction, so that you may fully experience your own body's innate intelligence to heal itself.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes and include a detailed written wellness plan sent to you electronically with complete directions and recommendations based on over 5,000 years of science based medical knowledge.

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Yoga Classes


Join Joanna Matson every week at Yoga Samadhi

White Salmon

Most Mondays and Fridays


Joanna weaves elements of Ayurveda and classical teachings of Hatha yoga into her gentle, yet challenging yoga sequences. Special focus on breath-work,  strength building and flexibility, with elements of mantra and meditation are interspersed with detailed cues and modifications offered for all levels and body types.

Stay tuned for upcoming on-line classes, workshops and podcasts! Streaming soon to a device near you!

Joanna is also available for private retreats, company retreats, individualized or small group yoga classes or events.

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Professional Workshops


Individualized and Group classes and workshop to help you stay informed and educated about medical cannabis and the benefits it provides for our well-being by learning about the Endo-Cannabinoid system within our body, and how it regulates the various systems in our body.

This is an ideal opportunity for continuing education for teaching medical professionals, teachers, law enforcement and churches about plant medicine, the endo-cannabinoid system, proper usage, dosing, safety, efficacy and more.

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Columbia Gorge Retreats


Join Joanna at the beautiful Trout Lake Abbey in Trout Lake, WA. Yoga, Ayurvedic wisdom, farm-fresh meals, meditation, massage, nature walks, alpacas, star-gazing. Prices average $450 per person depending on lodging choice. Stay tuned for the next retreat in 2019!

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Holbox Island, Mexico Retreats


Escape the cold winter to this magical island off the Yucatan Peninsula 

Feb. 21 - 26, 2019

 "Birds of Paradise" annual yoga, Ayurveda, adventure retreat. Experience old Mexico on this nature preserve without cars or buses. Ferry to this exquisite island and relax, rejuvenate, and retreat

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White Water Rafting Retreat

July 8 - 13, 2019
Multi-Day Rafting trip on Idaho's "River of No Return".

6 Nights living in luxury along the banks of Idaho's "River of No Return". 

July 8 - 13, 2019

 Spend a week in one of the country’s most beautiful and peaceful wilderness areas, and you will return fully rejuvenated, rested and connected with yourself. 

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